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Our story

  • Our belief

    We all need reliable news and relevant information. To know what’s going on in our community, and in the world at large. To stay clear of danger, lose harmful preconceptions, stand up for ourselves and take advantage of new opportunities. Honest reporting can open your eyes, and expand your horizon – particularly when you live in an unstable or impoverished region.

    Free Press Unlimited wants people to have access to the information they need to develop and prosper. 
    People deserve to know. 

  • Our approach

    You can reach a lot of people through the media. Around the world, local journalists and media organisations take it on themselves to keep their audiences informed. No matter what they come up against. We support these brave individuals in countries where there is no press freedom, in regions torn by war and conflict and in countries in transition.

    We support them with equipment, trainings, emergency aid and innovative solutions. So that they can reach more people – with better stories.

  • Our results

    Every day, our projects demonstrate the crucial importance of relevant, factual information. Refugees in Darfur hear which way to head for safety; Bangladeshi farmers learn which price is fair for their products; children find out that the world is a lot bigger than their village.

    And the great thing about relevant, factual information is that it can open your eyes. Once people realise that they deserve to know, for many of them, there’s no turning back.

On screen

  • free_press_unlimited_-_wadada_news_for_kids_-_2_min._compilation

    A broader horizon

    When your view is restricted, this limits your options as well. Around the world, we help set up youth news bulletins that discuss new developments in language that can be understood by younger viewers. And we offer children and adolescents their own platforms. This way, we help them to expand their view and to share their perspectives on subjects that affect them personally.

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  • free_press_unlimited_-_carmen_aristegui_english_subtitles

    Safety and anonymity

    Investigative reporters depend on their sources for information. But what if people are too scared to talk? Méxicoleaks enables whistleblowers to share information and documents with the Mexican media safely, anonymously and online. Because safety and anonymity are important in a country where those in power are not afraid to use brute force to protect their position.

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  • radio_dabanga_the_only_source_of_reliable_news_about_darfur

    News saves lives

    In the midst of a war, reliable information becomes as important as oxygen. Do you need to stay or flee? Is any help on its way? How do you stay in touch with your family? In a conflict zone, knowing what is going on around you can be of life-and-death importance.

    For the people of Darfur, Radio Dabanga is the sole reliable source of information in the region.

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  • regional_news_for_everyone_in_georgia

    Alternatives to propaganda

    Sometimes, it’s difficult to find out what’s really going on. Because the state media only tell one side of the story. Or because those in power try to divert people’s attention from the actual issues.

    In Georgia, regional television stations present an alternative and have a good eye for the interests of ordinary viewers.

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